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Reggae icon Jimmy Cliff is among a number of persons of Caribbean heritage, who will be honoured by the American Foundation for the University of the West Indies (AFUWI), at its 10th anniversary benefit gala & awards dinner scheduled for January 22 in New York City.
Cliff, who was born in Somerton, St. James, will become the second recipient of the University of the West Indies (UWI) Bob Marley Award in recognition of his work in the development of Jamaica’s popular culture. The award, which was first presented last year, recognizes individual excellence in the arts and culture.
Well-known actress Ruby Dee Davis, will also be recognized for her commitment and dedication to peace and equal rights, while Richard P. Brown, Jr., an attorney and a founding member of the AFUWI Board of Directors, will be honoured for almost three decades of commitment to the organization and the university.
Other persons being recognized by the AFUWI are: Lloyd W. Brown II, an executive vice president at the Bank of New York; Irving Burgie, songwriter/folklorist; Dr. Samuel J. Daniel, president/chief executive officer of New York’s North General Hospital; Eric Eve, a senior vice president at Citigroup Global; Dr. Geoffrey Frankson; Malcolm Gladwell best selling author; Michael Granger, general partner/co-founder of Ark Capital Management Fund; Elliott D. Mottley, QC, founding partner of the law firm Elliott D. Mottley & Company; and Dancia R. Penn, Attorney General of the Virgin Islands.
Other honourees are: Wayne A. Seaton, Executive Vice President at M.R. Beal Company; Paul Campbell, vice president at Polo Ralph Lauren; Jean Augustine, first African/Canadian woman elected to the Canadian Parliament; and Her Excellency Dame Calliopa Louisy; Governor-General of St. Lucia.
Civil rights activist/folklorist, Dr. Harry Belafonte, will again serve as honorary patron of the gala, which is widely regarded as one of the leading events in the Americas, to benefit the advancement of higher education in the Caribbean region.
For the past 50 years, the UWI has helped to nurture and develop the talents of the region, producing some of the most influential and visionary scholars of the modern era, inclusive of eight well known and outstanding prime ministers.
The annual black tie gala celebrations, among other things, seeks to highlight the outstanding legacy of the regional university, while recognizing those persons and organizations for their commitment to the preservation of the educational legacy of the institution.
The AFUWI was established in 1956 and serves as the primary vehicle for the university’s capital and fundraising efforts in the United States.

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