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    The Jamaica Gasoline Retailers Association (JGRA) launched its National Road Safety Campaign, yesterday (June 4), under the theme: ‘Buckle Up Front and Back.’
    The campaign, which was launched at Eddie’s Esso Tiger Mart on Constant Spring Road in Kingston, is geared towards creating greater awareness of road safety, marks the start of National Road Safety Month, which is being observed in June.
    According to President of the JGRA, Errol Edwards, over one million people across the world would die from road traffic crashes, with several million more being injured or disabled. He said that while this painted a grim picture, the solution could be found in three simple rules. These are: driving within the speed limit, not driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, and using the seatbelts, both in the front and back.
    Mr. Edwards pointed out that while it was important for Jamaicans to be aware of the importance of road safety, the relevant authorities must play their part in ensuring and enforcing the daily practice of road safety and as such, must pay special attention to a driver’s competence.
    “We urge the police to adopt a zero tolerance approach towards road traffic offences, which we think will change irresponsible behaviour on our roads,” he said.
    Additionally, he said a collaborative approach must be taken if the message of road safety is to have a far reaching impact. “We are fully aware of the impact of our collaborative efforts on road safety in Jamaica,” he noted, while encouraging the audience to “buckle up front and back and remember ‘foolspeedahead’.”
    “There is work to be done, let’s do it little by little,” he urged.
    Activities for this year will include: safety talks in schools, re-painting of pedestrian crossings, and defensive driving courses. The JGRA has been engaged in road safety activities since 1969. However, it was in 1993 that a proposal was submitted to then Governor-General, the late Florizel Glasspole, recommending that June be designated Road Safety month. Jamaica has been celebrating Road Safety Month in June ever since.

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