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Human rights group, Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ), says it is “very pleased” with the continuous attempts to weed out corruption within the Jamaican police force.
JFJ was reacting to news that a senior policeman was detained and questioned at the Lucea Police Station, Hanover, on Thursday (February 11) in connection with a major motor vehicle racket where, it is alleged that, vehicles that were being kept as court exhibits went missing from the station yard and was discovered in the possession of civilians.
“We applaud the attempts by the Police High Command to bring tough action against members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) suspected of being involved in illegal activities, and we support the efforts of the Anti-Corruption Branch, as it continues to conduct additional investigation into the scam,” JFJ said in a release on Friday (February 12).
“We also encourage that the same level of commitment to rid the force of corrupt cops be displayed, if the ongoing probe uncovers links to additional police officers being involved in the racket,” the release added.
The human rights group said that, while there are good police officers in the JCF, this latest incident again highlights the fact that corruption is prevalent within the police force and that the oversight mechanisms that exist to monitor items within police possession are inefficient.
“JFJ appeals to anybody with information about this motor vehicle racket, as well as any other corrupt acts involving members of the security forces, to share it with the relevant authorities as it is in everyone’s best interest that truth, transparency and accountability prevail,” the JFJ release said.

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