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Jamaican Anita Witter is serving up a Caribbean treat with the launch of her lemon lime and ginger-flavoured rum punch drinks at the Jamaican High Commission in London on Friday (Oct. 7).
The new flavours added to the original rum punch, which, along with her company Jewel Isle Productions Limited, was launched last December.
Mrs. Witter hopes that the new range of beverages, which are produced under the ‘Jewel Isle Rum Punch’ line, will join the list of ‘Alco-pop’ cocktail drinks that are growing in popularity across Europe. Already, there is interest in Jewel Isle from several European countries, she said.
Mrs. Witter was born in the United Kingdom (UK) but lived in Jamaica for a number of years before returning to Britain. She worked for a soft drinks company in the UK for 16 years, before starting Jewel Isle Productions Limited.
She told JIS News that she always had an interest in the food industry, which she credits to her Jamaican father, who after running a successful business in Britain, returned to Jamaica in 1963 and operated three bars and restaurants.
According to Mrs. Witter, her life’s ambition was to follow in the footsteps of her father and own a restaurant. “I started to think about what I liked to do and what I do best. All that came to mind was the restaurant and all of the culinary delights I used to see my father cook and the delicious juices he would make. He would juice anything if you allowed him. Rum punch and jerk pork were his specialties,” she recalled.
Mrs. Witter noted that the idea for marketing rum punch came to her while she was making the drink for a gathering at her home.
“It was something I have done so many times before. We all know what rum is all about and I thought why not commercialise it, why not let everybody else get a taste. So we decided to package it together”, she says.
Mrs. Witter credits her family and friends for their support in getting the venture off the ground. Her husband, Carlton and daughter Sheryl, are also directors of Jewel Isle Productions Limited.
“This is not about us just making money and sitting down. I have a passion for helping people, who are disadvantaged in the Caribbean and Africa, and I believe if our hearts stay in the right place it’s a recipe for success,” she said.
At Friday’s launch a special collection was made towards the High Commission’s Welfare Fund.

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