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Environmental stakeholders in central Jamaica recently participated in an environmental law and advocacy workshop, aimed at assisting persons in interpreting and applying Jamaican laws relating to the environment.
The event was organised by the Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) and was held at Astra Country Inn in Mandeville.
Chief Executive Officer of JET, Dianna McCaulay informed, that the workshop “centred around a very special booklet we have developed called ‘it inna the law’.it basically provides basic information on the use and structure of the Jamaican legal system and it also outlines the main features of selected environmental law and their specific functions and penalties as well as the name and contacts of executing agencies.
Ms. McCaulay stated that the booklet also served as a guide for persons and groups, who wish to become more involved in environmental law enforcement.
“This booklet was previously published in 2003 and has been recently revised by JET with funding coming from the Environmental Foundation of Jamaica.we also received input from other agencies such as the Carter Centre, the National Environmental and Planning Agency (NEPA), Ministry of Land and Environment, as well as other non-government groups,” she said.
Other topics covered at the workshop included: ‘Finding out what you need to know’; ‘How to access documents under the Freedom of Information Act’; ‘Putting the law to work’; and the ‘Regulation of environmental law: challenges and solutions’.
Persons interested in learning more about Jamaica’s environmental laws can contact JET at (876) 960-3693 or visiting online at www.jaentrust.org

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