JEF Convention gets High Marks

Participants in the Jamaica Employers’ Federation (JEF) Annual Business & Workplace Convention, which concluded Sunday May 6, are lauding the organisers on the staging of a spectacular event, which they say, will better enable them to contribute to the development of their entities.

The four-day convention, which targeted  chief executive officers (CEOs), general managers, human resource managers and other operators of organisations, provided opportunity for interaction, networking, sharing of ideas, to discuss and plan strategies and learn best practices to improve the operations of firms and companies.

Senior Specialist for Employers’ Activities at the International Labour Organization (ILO), Luesette Howell, who has been attending the convention for 15 years, has given the thumbs up to the JEF for staging an event, which she said, gets “bigger and better each year."

“They bring together international, regional and local presenters with a mix and a myriad of topics that can be applied to all workplaces. There are networking opportunities and everything is just centred around the individuals in the workplace, from the CEOs, human resource managers to industrial relations officers…it is something for everybody, a one-stop shop,” Ms. Howell told JIS News.

Hugh Blake of the Lascelles de Mercado Group noted that the event facilitated discussions and presentations, which will assist him in better undertaking his duties.

“This year’s convention has been extremely informative. I think the very theme: ‘Execute, Grow, Sustain’ is most appropriate as in Jamaica, we talk a lot but when it comes to the execution, we tend to fall down…so I am glad that this year’s convention is giving focus to that area,” Mr. Blake expressed.

He highlighted the sessions on organisational development, change management and risk management as key areas of interest, which will make him improve in his line of work.  

“Risk management is fundamental in everything we do because we have to take risks on a daily basis and we need to mitigate those downside risks and take opportunities when they present themselves,” Mr. Blake noted.

Presenter of the risk management session and Consultant at the Corporate Clinic, Georgia Simpson, also gave kudos to JEF for such a well-organised convention and expo.

She noted that the event is essential for today’s businesses as it provides networking opportunities and valuable information to corporate executives.

Regarding her own presentation, she told JIS News that “risk management is essential right now for every business and especially businesses in a developing economy. It must be practised, it needs to be taken onboard, understood and bought into to get our businesses, economy and country operating efficiently."

Executive Director of the Jamaican Foundation for Lifelong Learning (JFLL), Dr. Alison Cross, said that the convention has presented an avenue for her to examine how best her organisation can assist in strengthening both employers and employees.

“What we have been doing is trying to increase awareness among employers of the need to raise literacy levels of their employees…so the sessions we have been going to, we have been listening very carefully to figure how it fits in to the core values and mission of JFLL,” Dr. Cross said.

She pointed out that the convention will allow her to further analyze and examine means of improving people’s value, passion and drive in order to make the workplace even more productive.


By Kadian Brown, JIS PRO

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