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KINGSTON — A progress report on the Jamaica Development Infrastructure Programme (JDIP) is now available on the website of the National Works Agency (NWA) at: www.nwa.gov.jm. The report was posted on Tuesday, May 24.

In an interview with JIS News, NWA Communications and Customer Service Manager, Stephen Shaw said the report provides details on all aspects of the JDIP up to April 2011, including a break down of contracts awarded. 

“China Harbour Engineering, as the primary contractor, has engaged a number of sub-contractors – Grade One contractors as per the NCC Listing – and so the report indicates where these sub-contractors are engaged,” he explained.

Currently, there are some 16 sub-contractors undertaking works on more than 200 road sections islandwide.

The report also captures all facets of the JDIP since it commenced in November 2010, and consists of information regarding retaining walls, road rehabilitation and periodic maintenance, activities covered under JDIP up to April 2011.

“This report covers major projects that we are embarking on, in terms of the Rio Grande Bridge in Portland, the Christiana Development Road in Manchester, the bridges at Cassia Park and Queensborough (in Kingston) that we are putting in to replace the ford and also the over 150 other projects such as road construction and drain improvement,” said Mr. Shaw.

“The bulk of the major projects and the road rehabilitation works would have started between January and March,” he pointed out.

Between November 2010 and early 2011 periodic maintenance work (patching activities) was carried out across the island.

“It has taken some time to pull all the information together and to set up the reporting template, and so we are now at a stage where we are fairly comfortable that we have a document that can, in a fair way, capture all of what we do under the programme,” Mr. Shaw said.



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