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The Jamaica Coalition on the Rights of the Child (JCRC) will be launching two books, which seek to promote the protection of the rights of children.The launch will take place at the Golf View Hotel in Mandeville this Friday, June 3, beginning at 9:00 a.m.
Executive Director of JCRC, Carol Samuels told JIS News that the activity formed part of a wider “child right celebration”, aimed at showcasing the talent and potential of the children currently participating in a child rights awareness building project, which is funded by the Environmental Foundation of Jamaica (EFJ) and United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).
Commander John McFarlane, Head of the EFJ will be the guest speaker at the launch. Also present will be Bertrand Bainvel from UNICEF.
“This launch is very important and concerned persons and groups are being encouraged to come out and participate. To me, the list of negative issues surrounding and affecting the children of this country grows daily, resulting often in the sending of shock waves and creation of a sense of shame, once discovered and highlighted by the media. Of course, reaction ranges from severe depression to anger on the part of the population,” Mrs. Samuels said.
The Executive Director noted that too often, the society quickly forgets the outrage that was committed and life continues until the time of the next incident.
“We at the JCRC feel strongly that there are many issues related to the protection of our children that must be addressed.A critical part of our agenda is a thrust aimed at empowering children to protect themselves. There is also another segment, which shows persons who may not at the present time know what to do, the right steps to take, which will ultimately assist in the protection of our children,” she said.
The titles of the two books to be launched are: ‘Teachers Making a Difference’, and ‘Protecting Myself’.

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