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Commissioner of Police Owen Ellington has expressed pride in the conduct of members of the security forces who participated in the operation in West Kingston, which began on Monday (May 28).
Speaking at a news conference Friday (May 28) at Up Park Camp, Commissioner Ellington said he was proud of their conduct, discipline, courage and resilience.
“We have had reports of misconduct; we are determined to investigate every one of them. If we find any evidence to support them, we are going to take serious disciplinary action,” he said.
He noted that his men were cognizant of the importance of exercising restraint during the operation, and disclosed that the Jamaica Constabulary Force had hourly reminders to its members regarding the need to act in a professional manner.
Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) Colonel, Rocky Meade, expressed similar sentiments, stating the troops had made extreme sacrifices.
“I can tell you, for the most part, our troops have been committed, they have worked hard, they have risked their lives for this country and the worst thing that can happen now is that the sentiments of the country is conveyed in a away that gives them the impression that there is lack of appreciation for the sacrifices they have made,” he said.

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