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    In a release Monday (April 12) the Police said that they are aware that a number of organizations are planning to march on Gordon House Tuesday (April 13).

    Acting Commissioner of Police (ACP)Owen Ellington.

    In light of that development, the following advice was issued:
    “The Police are therefore advising members of the public of the relevant laws pertaining to public marches and public processions.
    “Under the Public Order Act (Section 4) it is unlawful for public marches to take place during the night. It is also unlawful for any public marches to take place in daylight, unless a permit has been issued by the police.
    “The Police further advise that any person (s) who desire/s to organize any public march in daylight, should apply for a permit at least three days before such intended public march.
    “Applications for such a permit should be made to the senior officer of the Jamaica Constabulary Force in all parishes except in the Corporate Area. In the Corporate Area of St. Andrew and Kingston, 0applications should be made to the Commissioner of Police. The granting of permission for marches and processions remains the sole prerogative of the Police.

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