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Deputy Police Commissioner, Mark Shields, who is in charge of the Crime portfolio, has said that the men and women of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) are among the most courageous in the world’s police forces.
Mr. Shields, who served recently in Columbia, the United States and Europe, in relation to Columbian drug trafficking, asserted that “the good work that the Jamaica Constabulary Force does, far outweighs the bad instances that we sometimes hear of and are actually criticized on, on many occasions”.
“I would suggest that the Jamaica Constabulary Force, together with its colleagues in the JDF [Jamaica Defence Force], are doing one of the most difficult policing jobs in the world at the moment.
I also say that they are some of the world’s most courageous men and women in the world’s police services,” he said.
Mr. Shields was addressing the graduation ceremony of the Critical Incident Management course, held at the Jamaica Constabulary Staff College, in Twickenham Park, Spanish Town, on June 24.
Turning to the principles of the Critical Incident Management course, Mr. Shields insisted that, “we must get it right the first time and we must get it right everytime”.
He told colleagues that in dealing with critical incidents, the entire operation must be planned, and that law enforcers should deal with the community in such a way as to win their confidence.
The Deputy Commissioner reminded the officers of their need for such elements as the right intelligence, the right investigation, gathering the correct forensic evidence, and ensuring that all of their strategies were correct.
He also stressed that they should deal with the media in the right way, “and that we deal fundamentally in any critical incident, with the community that we serve. We must never forget that”.
The Critical Incident Management course was developed to strengthen the capabilities of police officers in the management of situations that have the potential to be explosive, as well as those with a high-risk profile, such as organized gun and drug crimes.
The course was delivered by officers from the Bramshill Police Staff College in the United Kingdom, reputedly one of the best police colleges in Europe.

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