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As of January 1, wreckers that are approved to tow vehicles on behalf of the police will bear official identifying stickers.
Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) in charge of Operations, Glenmore Hinds, addressing a press briefing at the Commissioner’s Office on Old Hope Road today (December 9), informed that the stickers will bear the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) logo with the words ‘Approved to Tow for the Police’. The year for which the towing services are approved will also be displayed on the sticker.
Explaining the reason for the development, ACP Hinds said that the police has been receiving complaints “where persons have indicated that their vehicles are being towed by wreckers and they are not too certain whether these wreckers have been authorised.”
He said the JCF wants to ensure that there is no second guessing as to whether these wreckers are carrying out legitimate operations. He assured that the stickers will have special features to guard against duplication.
Meanwhile, Director of Communications for the JCF, Mr. Karl Angell, pointed out that the decision to implement the sticker system was made after seeking the public’s assistance with identifying wrecking companies that were illegally towing vehicles.
The police also met with a number of interest groups. “We believe that by putting on these stickers, it will help the public to help us,” Mr. Angell said.

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