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In a move to widen the genre of entries submitted in the National Popular Song Competition, the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) has announced a $1 million grand prize to be shared among songwriter, singer and producer of the winning entry for 2004.
Speaking at a recent press briefing, Executive Director of the JCDC, Marcia Hextall, said that the 36 year-old competition was now embarking on a two-year development initiative, aimed at restoring a balance between the creative, technological and socio-cultural aspects of the popular music, putting in place a process that would facilitate high quality songs and national relevance.
“This year’s competition takes on a new look, as major changes are being made to encourage investment and motivation from writers, producers and artistes, and promote development and exposure for artistes, while providing renewed participation and excitement from the public,” she noted.
Also speaking at the briefing, JCDC Chairman, Vivian Crawford emphasized that while the competition sought to play a pivotal role in the development of upcoming artistes who entered the competition, the Commission was also encouraging submissions from more recognized artistes who could benefit from the added exposure.
“This exposure is sure to increase the profitability of the artiste, a clear advantage for the producer, with the JCDC playing a key role in ‘putting the artiste on the road,'” he said.
Unlike previous years, the songs submitted to the competition will be produced at the cost of the producer.
The JCDC has appointed a steering committee, chaired by music industry veteran, Junior Lincoln and comprised of a small group of industry players and media representatives that will operate for two years, and will report to the National Committee, chaired by Vaughn ‘Bunny’ Goodison.
The closing date for the 2004 entries is April 16.

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