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In an effort to rekindle the spirit of patriotism among citizens during Jamaica’s 47th Independence celebration, small, medium and large enterprises are being invited to participate in a Business Place/Shop Window Display Competition.
The competition is scheduled to be judged between July 27 and 29, and business owners are expected to decorate shop window spaces using the national colours – black, green and gold – as well as bandana. Displays must be mounted by July 20.
It is being organised by the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) in collaboration with the Chambers of Commerce and Parish Councils. It is one of the activities being spearheaded by the JCDC 2009 Visual Impact Committee to heighten national consciousness, during Independence or Festival celebrations this year.
During the official launch, some well-known designers will highlight and promote the national colours. Other events being planned by the committee for Jamaica’s 47th Independence anniversary celebrations and Festival 2009 include: a symposium on Emancipation and Independence; Independence Gala and Street Parade on the streets of Kingston and at the National Stadium. Additionally, the parishes will celebrate Independence Gala events in their capital towns.
The annual Jamaican Festival is the week of national celebration from July 31 through Emancipation Day, August 1, to Independence Day, August 6.
Chairperson of the Festival Visual Impact Committee, Rhena Williams, told JIS News that the Shop Window Display Competition is designed to encourage businesses to participate in the celebration of Jamaica Festival, and to create a more festive atmosphere during the season. It is also an opportunity to showcase their wares and boost their marketing effort, she added.
She said that citizens need to get back into the traditional mood of Emancipation/Independence celebrations.
“If we could feel the vibes, then we are able to really celebrate our Independence and what it stands for,” she said.
Ms. Williams added that the shop window displays will be judged on the use of colour, originality of design, creative use of space, visual impact, and the balance between colour and d

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