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The third in a series of Continuing Education Fairs, sponsored by the Jamaica Social Policy Evaluation Project (JASPEV), was held at Lynch Park in Buff Bay, Portland on Friday, September 22.
The fair was organized in close collaboration with the HEART Trust/NTA, Ministry of Education and Youth, Jamaica Foundation for Lifelong Learning, Citizens Security and Justice Project, Parenting Partners, National Council on Drug Abuse, Ministry of Health, Jamaica Social Investment Fund, National Council on Education, the Social Development Commission and the Jamaica Library Service, to promote lifelong learning and provide information on training and educational opportunities.
Communities to have hosted fairs so far were Palmer’s Cross in Clarendon on Friday, July 28, and Greenwich Town on Friday, September 15.
Other fairs are scheduled for Spring Village, St. Catherine on Friday, October 6, and Petersfield, Westmoreland on Friday, October 20.
Continuing education has been identified as a crucial area of policy focus, in which there is need for services to be broadened and improved at the local level.
It is expected that this will go a far way in addressing the less than satisfactory levels of educational achievement by some of the country’s young people.
Among the young people participating in the event were students of schools in Buff Bay and surrounding areas, out of school young people, and a number of persons representing community organizations in the area.
The day’s activities included presentations on topics important to community and personal development, including HIV/AIDS, drug abuse, entrepreneurship, remedial education and career planning. The young people also displayed their skills in the areas of block laying, table setting and computer technology.
Speaking to JIS News, Elizabeth Terry, Chairperson of the multi-functional team for continuing education, said the day’s event was very successful, as it allowed the organizers to receive information from the community about what could be done to accommodate the process of lifelong learning, while at the same time, enabling community members to benefit from the process.
Mrs. Terry encouraged community members to take full advantage of the opportunities presented by the fair, and the range of education and training services available within or accessible to their communities.

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