JIS News

A 40-foot container load of imported vegetables is expected to arrive in the island early next month, to compensate for the shortfall of local produce in the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan.
The vegetables are being imported by the Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS) and the agency’s Central Marketing Company will be responsible for distributing the produce to retailers.
JAS President, Senator Norman Grant, told JIS News, that while the organization would be moving swiftly to provide relief supplies to farmers for the rehabilitation of the sector, the JAS had to import produce at this time to make-up for the shortfall.
In terms of the cost to customers, he said, there should be a “trickle down effect” to the public, as “the benefits (prices) will be passed down to consumers and farmers.” He emphasized that it was important for consumers to pay close attention to the pricing recommendations that will be publicized by the Ministry of Commerce, Science and Technology. Meanwhile, Senator Grant informed that he would be recommending to Minister of Agriculture, Roger Clarke, that all importation of items under the special duty regime be centralized through the JAS, so that the process could be properly monitored.
The JAS and the Ministry will be undertaking a review of the importation process in order to ascertain how further imports should be dealt with.

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