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The Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS) has successfully completed talks with Golden Krust Bakery, which has 100 stores in the United States, to form an alliance with Jamaica.
The chain is looking to buy more agricultural produce from the country.
President of the JAS, Senator Norman Grant in an interview with JIS News, explained that a collaboration of the JAS, Ministry of Agriculture and the Jamaica Exporters Association (JEA) would be involved in producing particular crops to supply the chain.
Escallion, thyme, peppers and other condiments in the herbs and spices category are being requested.
Pimento and ginger in particular are generating a lot of interest and will be a lucrative revenue earner.
“What we will be doing is a lot of contract farming. We will be putting farmers into clusters and groups to grow particular crops, which we will now provide to those markets,” noted Senator Grant. This cluster farming would be similar to the one involving farmers who supply the hotel sector.
Emphasizing that the brand, Jamaica, was a powerful one, the President said this promotion of brand Jamaica would advance the concept of a Jamaican taste.
The JAS and the Ministry of Agriculture will be targeting, in particular, the youth in agriculture, for this programme. It is considered a bright opportunity for those school leavers who need to hone their skills and experiences.

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