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Platform to make it easier to do business in Jamaica

The Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO) has launched the first phase of the National Business Portal (NBP) to facilitate multiple business-to-government transactions in one online location. The website, dobusiness.gov.jm, was built by eGov Jamaica Ltd.

The platform aims to strengthen the investment environment in Jamaica by delivering comprehensive information and guidance to facilitate private investments. The website provides detailed guidance on steps to take for myriad government business processes along the lifespan of investment projects. The NBP will serve as the central point through which all investments are routed, providing transparency and government cohesion.

When complete, the portal will connect private investors and other persons with government stakeholders, and will enable the delivery of services like registering an initiative as an investment project, applying for incentives, divestment of crown lands, and other activities.

In the roll-out of additional phases over the next year, the platform also will allow persons to conduct transactions online, including accessing benefits and applying for licenses and permits.

President of JAMPRO, Diane Edwards, explained that this new website would build Jamaica’s reputation as one of the region’s best locations to do business. She said, “Jamaica has implemented several reforms and initiatives over the years to improve our ease of doing business, and the NBP will further our mission to advance the island’s government services. We are now looking to complete other reforms that will boost Jamaica’s ranking on the World Bank’s Doing Business Report.”

The agenda to implement key business reforms is being driven by the National Competitiveness Council (NCC), which is a public-private sector body working to make it easier to do business in Jamaica. There is now an increased focus being placed on the digitization of government services, such as applying for electricity connections, facilitating development approvals, or providing searchable access to all Jamaican laws.

Edwards noted, “Jamaica can’t afford to be left behind as the world moves forward. We must make it a priority to support not only our local community, but international investors who are ready to do business with Jamaica.

JAMPRO and the NCC remains committed to doing what is needed to make Jamaica an attractive place to invest, and conduct other business ventures. ”

The Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO)’s mission is to drive economic development through growth in investment and export. JAMPRO is an Agency of the Ministry of Industry, Investment, and Commerce.

The Foundations for Competitiveness and Growth Project (FCGP) will be funding Phases 2 and 3 of the NBP initiative. The FCGP is being implemented by the Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ), in collaboration with the Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO) and the Development Bank of Jamaica.

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