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Micro and small entrepreneurs in Ocho Rios and surrounding areas are expected to benefit from the new Business Information Centre now officially open at Pineapple Place in the parish of St. Ann.
The new Ocho Rios JAMBIC/Export Centre and Business Information Point (ECBIP) seeks to provide e-business services, Internet access to web-enabled government services, market information and distance learning opportunities, among other services. It is a collaborative effort between the Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC), the St. Ann Chamber of Commerce and the Jamaica National (JN) Foundation’s, The Source.
Speaking at the official opening ceremony on Thursday, (July 16), Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Hon. Karl Samuda said, “We (the Government) believe that the business community is honest. We do not come with a preconceived notion that we have to spend $1000 to save $5 and put in regulations that are going to be an impediment to the growth of business.”
He said that the Ministry is seeking to provide a legislative framework that will reflect a philosophy where business could move quickly, bureaucracy can be reduced, and discussion time shortened to produce action.
“A business proposal goes hand in hand with attempting to access proper funding and that is where JBDC and the other agencies will assist in putting together a proper plan. Whilst it is easy to say that the process is cumbersome and frustrating, at the same time we must acknowledge that the job ahead of us is one of training the people and conditioning them to understand that a new day is dawning but it carries with it, a sense of responsibility,” he said, while commending JBDC and The Source on their effort towards the continued development of the business sector.
Mr. Samuda firmly stated that persons who wished to venture into business must have a positive approach if they expect to achieve the best.
“The facilities that the Government through JBDC and others are extending to the entrepreneurial sector, especially young entrepreneurs are funds provided at concessional rates under conditions that are very attractive but they are not free, they have to be repaid. And, from all indications, I must say that the handling of the funds and the accounts and the management and the monitoring of these loans that have been made have resulted in a very good repayment scheme, where only a very small percentage are delayed payments,” he informed.
The launch of the Centre has now increased the number of JAMBIC/ECBIP Centres established across the island to 11. The Centres are supported and funded by the European Union and the Government of Jamaica through the Private Sector Development Programme (PSDP).

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