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Some 60 volunteers from the bauxite and alumina company, Jamalco, along with community volunteers, turned out at the Clarendon Infirmary on October 24, to effect much needed repairs.
Community Relations Officer at Jamalco, Phillip Biggs, told JIS News that the initiative demonstrates the long and caring relationship that the company shares with the infirmary.
He pointed out that Jamalco began repair work on the infirmary some weeks ago, when the company’s volunteers installed a new set of kitchen cupboards. Additionally, in an effort to address the problem of a leaking roof, and the displacement of the residents, whenever it rains, some 200 sheets of zinc are to be replaced at different sections of the premises.
“The month of October is celebrated at all Alcoa locations worldwide as Alcoa Month of Service. The emphasis during the month is on giving voluntary service to various community based projects. At Jamalco, we play our part in promoting a wide range of voluntary activities at our various community projects. We look around in our respective operational areas and try to identify projects that can create an impact, based on needs. The infirmary came to mind and we felt it was one that deserved our full attention and support,” Mr. Biggs said.
He pointed out that the residents of the infirmary would also be in for an early Christmas treat, as the building was in the process of being repainted. The Jamalco volunteers also donated bed linen, clothing and medical supplies to persons housed at the institution.
Matron in charge of the infirmary, Nurse Joyce Anderson, who has served the institution for close to 20 years, expressed appreciation for Jamalco’s intervention. She explained that in light of the current global economic situation, the infirmary’s resources are stretched to the limit, so any form of assistance is always welcomed.
“I am overwhelmed about the activities here. The infirmary really needed a facelift, and it’s coming on to the Christmas season, and I’m sure this has done so much for the institution in general. It will enhance the whole appearance, and it will make workers and residents happier,” she said.
The Clarendon Infirmary is currently home to 144 persons, most of whom are males.
Nurse Anderson told JIS News that most of the residents are in good health, and continue to receive various gifts from corporate bodies, service clubs, churches and other community groups.
Jamalco will wind up its voluntary work at the infirmary with the planting of ornamental trees. This is being done as part of Alcoa’s commitment to plant 10 million trees worldwide.

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