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The Clarendon based bauxite/alumina company Jamalco has published its 2009 Sustainability Report, giving an account of its stewardship and operations during the last calendar year.
The report covers results achieved in the areas of mining and production, environment, health and safety, community outreach and contribution to the Jamaican economy during 2009.
Statements from President of Alcoa’s Latin America and Caribbean region, Franklin Feder, Managing Director, Jerome Maxwell and Chairman of Clarendon Alumina Production (CAP), Peter Millengen are included in the report.
Mr. Feder highlighted the company’s achievements, against the background of the most severe worldwide economic downturn in 100 years.
“I’m proud to share with you that Jamalco not only withstood and weathered this crisis, thus becoming the sole alumina refinery in operation in Jamaica, but advanced significantly in almost all dimensions,” he said.
Mr. Maxwell, in his statement, said that foremost among 2009 achievements was the attainment of “five million man hours without a Lost Work Day” in July.
“We also ended the year with the second lowest number of recordable injuries in our history, zero non-compliance or permit violation and a 39 per cent reduction in spills to soil, headlined improvements in every Environmental Health and Safety metric,” he said.
Mr. Millingen applauded Jamalco’s employees for their contribution to the company’s success. He said that the “almost uncanny” appreciation shown by all of the need to commit to effective system and procedures, consistent performance, respect for the environment, contribution to society and long term vision, were clearly self fulfilling values that the Alcoa/Jamalco team brings to the pursuit of sustainability.
The Sustainability Report is divided into four sections. In addition to the statements from the leaders of the organisation, section one contains information on the company’s structure, reporting relationships and leadership team. Section two reports on the markets served and product quality, while section three focuses on the stewardship of resources used in Jamalco’s operation. The fourth section of the report includes information on the sustainability of the company’s operations, data tracking the impact of the company’s production on the environment as well as health and safety metrics.
Throughout the document are case studies highlighting events and activities that occurred and results achieved in 2009. For example, the visits of Governor General of Jamaica, His Excellency Sir Patrick Allen are included. The report also includes case studies on Jamalco’s management of land and water resources and projects to build sustainable communities.
The names of team members, alliance partners, contractors and service providers who served the company as at December 31, 2009 were also added.
The report, available in PDF format, is published on the Jamalco and Alcoa websites. The Government of Jamaica owns 45 per cent of Jamalco.

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