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The Pratville Health Centre, south Manchester, has been renovated by over 40 employees of Jamalco and residents of the community.
Work which was done at the facility on Friday (October 23), forms part of Alcoa’s (the parent company of Jamalco) 2009 worldwide month of service, and included repainting the nurses’ quarters and benches located in the patients’ reception hall.
“The month is a worldwide initiative by the company, where employees give service in the communities that we impact on with our operations,” Mining Operations Manager at Jamalco, Leighton Jones, told JIS News.
He said that by the end of this year, work will also be carried out on the floor, as the volunteers will be retiling the floor at the centre.
In addition to working on the Pratville Health Centre, there is also a tree planting programme for schools within the south Manchester mining area. The schools include; Pratville Primary and Infant, Campbell’s Castle All Age and Victoria Town Primary.
“It is really a time when we stop from our day to day activities, come into the communities and give back to the communities that we have to interface with and interact with on a daily basis,” he said.
Community Relations Officer for north and south Manchester at Jamalco, Natalie Irving, said that the support from employees and volunteers, to work on the health centre, was overwhelming.
“We got close to 40 persons coming out here from Jamalco and the community, giving hands and heart to get the cottage beautiful and the general surroundings beautified. The team spirit was good, and it is our intention to continue to give back in our communities, no matter how small, because volunteerism is a part of our thrust to ensure that we make our communities a better place,” she said.
President of the Friends of the Pratville Health Centre, Eulalee Green, said that residents of the community were elated that Jamalco had made it a part of their duties to help in the development of the community and, especially, the renovation of the health centre, which has made the residents feel very proud.
“We are proud that they are a part of this community, and they can help to make us happy and, I am certain, the patients, nurses and everyone that comes here will be happy to see that this place has had a facelift”, she said.

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