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Jamalco staged a Bob Marley Birthday Exhibition and Celebration at the Halse Hall Great House, Clarendon, on Friday, February 6, the birthday of the legendary Jamaican musician.
Administrative Services Manager, Ms. Sharon Palmer, who gave the keynote address, lauded Marley as one of Jamaica’s great ambassadors.
She also announced that Jamalco would seek to create greater awareness, particularly among the youth, of Marley’s contribution to Jamaica’s social, cultural and economic development, and that the exhibition would become an annual event.
“We are grateful to the (Bob Marley) Foundation to preserve and to continue to educate us about this person. If Bob Marley were here today, he would be giving us words of inspiration because, in spite of and despite the difficulties, he was a man who would want us to continue and to strive against the tide of doom and gloom,” she added.
“The whole world has learnt a lot through this ambassador. It is therefore fitting that the work of this great man is celebrated today, here at this historic site, the Halse Hall Great House. It represents the heritage of a people,” said Ms. Palmer.
She noted that the words of Marley’s popular song, “Get up, Stand up,” should serve as a reminder of the struggles he faced in his personal life, and should be an inspiration to Jamaicans to overcome the odds and achieve their full potential.
General Manager of the Bob Marley Foundation, Jackie Lynch Stewart, said that Marley was an inspiration not only for Jamaicans, but all persons who believed in the principles of “One Love” and “Respect for All Humankind.”
“Bob achieved his greatness through hard work, discipline, determination, persistence and a ‘no quit’ attitude: Always remember that you can’t win, if you quit, and winners never quit,” she said.
“In addition, remember that your present does not determine your future. Set high standards, be determined and persistent and, very importantly, believe in yourself. If you do this, you will achieve success,” she insisted.

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