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The Hayes Primary School in Clarendon, which was damaged during Hurricane Dean in August, recently received much needed repairs through the combined efforts of the Jamalco Foundation and Food for the Poor.
The project, which was carried out at a cost of $400,000 included the cleaning and painting of walls, replacement of roof and cleaning up of school grounds.
Speaking to JIS News, Jamalco Public Relations Officer, Ealane Livingston Smith, said that after the hurricane, the company had identified a number of schools that needed immediate assistance.
“We approached our foundation and asked them to provide a grant for Food for the Poor, an entity that has a high level of expertise in refurbishing and rehabilitation work and today’s activity is as a result,” she said.
Food for the Poor’s Senior Projects Officer, Clive Spencer, said that the project, was undertaken over a period of a month. “We are very happy with the support we have received from all the stakeholders, as it is indeed a very worthy endeavour,” he stated.

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