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Rector of the Port Antonio Parish Church, Rev. Georgia Grace Jervis, is encouraging Jamaicans to turn their trust to God, as it is only through an exercise of faith that the notion of a triumphant, proud and free Jamaica will become a reality.
She was delivering the sermon at the service of praise and thanksgiving held recently in London to mark Jamaica’s 47th anniversary of Independence.
According to Rev. Jervis, much of the pain, anarchy and apathy now being experienced, “is because as a nation, we have failed to heed the warnings and command of God.”
She said that it was only when “we acknowledge God as head of our lives and as head of our nation, will we be able to actualise the vision of service to our fellow citizens.”
“We must remember and acknowledge God as the ground of our being, the one in and through whom, we will be able to realise the good for which we were created,” she added.
Rev. Jervis urged the congregation to ensure that at all times integrity, honesty, and a spirit of generosity are the principles that guide every action.
“When we shall have internalised these values, brothers and sisters, then will Jamaica, under the divine leadership, be able to advance the welfare of the entire human race,” she said.

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