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    Chief Relationship Officer, Aeromar Group, Dr. Blossom O’Meally-Nelson, has called on Jamaicans to begin speaking positively of the police, and to show them more respect, as they put their lives on the line to ensure peace and public safety.

    “The relationship between the public and the police is a symbiotic one. Whether it is individuals, lobby groups or human rights organisations, there has got to be greater respect for the police.  Disrespect for the police expressed by words or by behaviour only serves to facilitate crime and social disorder,” Dr. O’Meally-Nelson argued.

    Addressing the 69th annual joint Central Conference of the Jamaica Police Federation, at the Breezes Hotel in Falmouth, Trelawny, on May 17, she said that all citizens must play their part in creating the type of communication channels with the police that will yield positive and productive results.

    Dr. O’Meally-Nelson emphasised that governments are recognising the critical importance of training and personal development in the drive to achieve social and economic transformation.

    “The aim of your (police) training must be personal transformation, so that your policing skills, coupled with knowledge of yourself and an understanding to the social situation, will be the formulae in the bid for excellence in policing,” she pointed out.

    “You can be the leaders who build a new Jamaica.  Your role modeling and your mentorship, if effectively utilized, can create a dramatic turnaround among even the most resistant groups and give you the recognition and respect that you deserve and need,” she told the police officers.

    Dr. O’Meally-Nelson urged members of the Jamaica Police Federation not to lose their vision of a better force and a better Jamaica, and to remain true to their mission.

    “I urge you to take responsibility when this is needed and above all, take the moral high ground, no matter what is going on around you. You have within you the potential to be the change agents for a better society,” she said.

    The two-day conference was held under the theme: ‘Advancing personal development, embracing organisational transformation to create a better future’.


    By Glenis Rose, JIS Reporter

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