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Technical Director for the Southern Regional Health Authority (SRHA), Dr. Michael Coombs, is urging Jamaicans to pay much more attention to the development of healthy lifestyle practices, such as an effective daily exercise programme.
Speaking to JIS News, Dr. Coombs said that in support of his call, the SRHA would be staging a ‘Walk for Health Day’ on Wednesday, August 30, in and around the town of Mandeville.
“This activity will serve to reinforce what we have been saying for a very long time now, that physical exercise is critical for each and everyone of us and so on the day, we want members of the population to park their vehicles and walk in the town to do their business,” he said.
Dr. Coombs explained that there were many studies which showed that the correct mixture of exercise and diet could prevent and control certain common illnesses.
“Chronic lifestyle illnesses, such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and obesity do not have to be so common in our society. Each person can, to a large extent, do something that can alleviate the onset of some of these conditions,” he said.

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