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Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Mark Shields has called on Jamaicans to join in the fight against crime and violence.
DCP Shields, who was addressing a press conference at the Police Commissioner’s Office in Kingston yesterday (Sept.15), said that the effort to reduce crime, including murders and shootings, was not the sole responsibility of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF). “We have a collective responsibility to work together in the months and years ahead to get rid of this blight of murder, violence and shootings,” he stated.
He told journalists, that the JCF was reaping some success in apprehending criminal suspects, noting that since March, the police in the Kingston Eastern Division have arrested and charged 17 men with murders and shootings.
In addition, he informed that the homicide rate, which was at March, upwards of 50 per cent of what it was for the same period last year, was now 20 per cent above the 2004 rate.
“I don’t come here to pat myself and our colleagues on the back for a job well done. We are not complacent; we still have a massive task to do. I can assure you though that we as a team will work together to reduce that homicide rate as much as we possibly can and to bring some semblance of order into communities that are terrorized by men of violence, but we cannot do it alone,” DCP Shields stated.
He has encouraged persons with information on crimes to call Operation Kingfish or Crime Stop to report such activities.
Turning to the successful release of two men, who were recently kidnapped in Negril, Deputy Commissioner Shields said that kidnappings in Jamaica have been on the decline because of the immense success of the police in resolving these cases.
“It is something that we will take seriously at all times. It is an extremely dangerous crime, and dangerous for the kidnappers as well and I can assure you that whenever we have a kidnap, whether or not we believe it is a real kidnap, we will treat it seriously,” he stated.

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