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Jamaicans are being warned to guard against identity theft and identity fraud, which have become increasing rampant as the country moves towards developed country status.
Chief Executive Officer of the Registrar General’s Department (RGD), Dr. Patricia Holness, addressing the weekly meeting of the Kiwanis Club of Providence at the Wexford Hotel in Montego Bay on Wednesday (Feb. 11), said that the police have reported that identity theft was becoming an increasing problem in Jamaica.
Noting that identity theft went beyond money, she pointed out that it affected a person’s good name, credit standing and character.
She informed that a number of cases have emerged at the RGD, but assured that safety measures were in place to protect the integrity of the Department’s documentation process.
According to Dr. Holness, the increase in internet banking and the use of credit cards online have helped to deepen the problem of identity fraud, as people become more materialistic.
“I do believe that a lot of the ills of today’s society are because of the heavy concentration on the material things of life,” she stated.
“We see a lot of things in the news today, and it relates to things that our children are being exposed to, and the things that people go after, all because of the economic gain,” she added.
She noted that Montego Bay, with a growing population of more than 230,000 citizens, was poised for even greater benefits as the government moved the country towards first world status by 2030.

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