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Jamaicans are being urged to become certified to increase their marketability.
Minister of Education, Andrew Holness, in his address at the Mona School of Business graduation ceremony held on (Nov. 28) at the Mona Visitors’ Lodge, said that certification plays a critical role in the labour market as it signals to the potential employer and the consuming public, certain information about the abilities of the certificate holder.
“Generally speaking, a certificate holder without any experience is more likely to be employed than an experienced person without certification,” he said.
“This is because certification gives more information to the employer and adds more certainty to the hiring decision-making process,” he pointed out further.
According to the Education Minister, the process of certification has an important effect on productivity.He noted that while experienced workers generally know exactly how to carry out their task and usually do not depart from their routine, the process of certification will allow them to incorporate new techniques and technologies into their skill sets.
“Engaging in a process of certifying your experience and your competencies enhances innovation, as the worker must now demonstrate a deeper understanding of their job and incorporate other techniques and technologies into their routine, thereby producing a more adaptable, multi-dexterous, knowledge-based and efficient workforce,” Mr. Holness said.
He, however, added that “unfortunately, the labour market may not always reward you with the remuneration you deserve after making the sacrifice to get certified.”
In the meantime, the Minister urged the graduates to be critical in their everyday life.
“Your ability to be critical separates you from the herd of followers, who blindly follow charismatic men and hold on confidently to their assertions without ever questioning them. Your ability to think critically, based on evidence, opens your mind to the possibility of change, but prevents you from swaying aimlessly in the wind of uncertainty,” Mr. Holness said.
Professor Neville Ying, Executive Director of the Mona School of Business, implored the graduates to go forward and utilize the knowledge they have gained while at the institution and “do not be afraid to try innovative and creative ideas.”

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