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State Minister in the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Hon. Andrew Gallimore, is calling on Jamaicans to help to improve the quality of life of disabled persons in the country.
Minister Gallimore was speaking at the Mustard Seed Communities’ Jacob’s Ladder home in Haddon, St. Ann yesterday (Aug. 31) where a 20,000- gallon water tank was installed to store and supply water to meet the needs of disabled residents as well as workers at the facility.
The tank, which was donated by the Kiwanis Club of Moneague, will also serve the animals and provide irrigation for crops on the property, including coffee, bananas, cassava and corn.
Minister Gallimore commended the donor and Tank-Weld, which installed the tank, noting that the donation “will significantly increase the quality of life of persons …here at Jacob’s Ladder.”
“The cost of the work that has been done here by Tank-Weld commercially would have a value of some $400,000 and they have not charged one penny,” he noted.
Minister Gallimore commended the staff of the facility and encouraged them to keep on doing good as they would be greatly rewarded.
Administrator of Jacob’s Ladder, Denyse Perkins, expressed gratitude for the donation, noting that it will address water problems at the facility.
She further thanked the Good Shepherd Foundation, which installed the gutters that would channel the water to the tank.
Tank-Weld representative, John Ralston, said that the company was pleased to assist the Mustard Seed Community in its endeavours.
“We have seen the necessity for the water here and there is absolutely no doubt about it. Tank-Weld stands ready to help in situations like this and we will continue to give our support in any way that we can,” Mr. Ralston said.
Jacob’s Ladder is a small farming village that is home to a group of mentally and physically challenged adults and children, who live in a family setting with people without disabilities. There are plans to expand the facility to accommodate 300 residents and to undertake farming on a wider scale.

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