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The Heart Foundation of Jamaica (HFJ) is stressing the need for Jamaicans to be trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), as having such knowledge could result in them saving a life.

Director of Emergency Cardiac Care at the HFJ, Dr. Hugh Wong, said that everyone should have CPR skills, which, he noted, are easily learnt.

“The person whose life you save is likely to be someone close, like a spouse, a neighbour or a colleague,” he pointed out while addressing a JIS Think Tank on Tuesday (June 13).

Dr. Wong said studies show that in cases of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) where CPR is administered, the survival rate is about 50 per cent. He said that without CPR, the death rate is almost 100 per cent.

Dr. Wong, who is also a Consultant Physician in Emergency Medicine at the Kingston Public Hospital, was speaking against the background of the observation of CPR Week from June 18-24 under the theme ‘Prepare, Respond, Revive’.

Senior Manager for Health Administration at HFJ, Nola Phillpotts-Brown, informed that activities for the week will focus on the importance of CPR training.

She said that interested persons are being invited to sign up for the mass CPR training workshop on Saturday, June 24 at the HFJ’s offices at 28 Beechwood Avenue in Kingston.

“We are trying to prepare the ordinary Jamaican to respond, in the event that something happens. We will be training them in family and friends CPR, and we can accommodate two groups of up to 50 persons,” she said. Interested persons can call the HFJ at 926-4378.

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