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The National Blood Transfusion Service (NBTS) is appealing to Jamaicans to donate blood at a “massive” drive on September 21, at the head office of Jamaica Money Market Brokers (JMMB), located at 6 Haughton Terrace in Kingston.
This drive will be held between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. and the goal is to collect over 100 units of blood.
Carol Williams, Blood Donor Organiser told JIS News that the NBTS was in urgent need of blood, given the fact that over 60 units of blood were lost in the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan, as a result of a malfunctioning generator.
“We had a shortage before Ivan and now, our supplies are even lower. We are desperately in need. The demand for blood and blood products have definitely increased after Hurricane Ivan,” she said.
Of urgent need are the following blood types: 61 units of O positive; 63 units of A positive; 38 units of B positive; 10 units of AB positive; 18 units of O negative; 15 units of A negative; 10 units of B negative, and 5 units of AB negative.
Persons who are unable to attend the drive can donate at the NBTS on Slipe Pen Road. “Our staff are all on hand, and we have managed to cool the area that caters to the donors,” Miss Williams said.
Donors also have the option of visiting other centres, such as the National Chest Hospital near Liguanea in Kingston, and the Cornwall Regional Hospital in Montego Bay, which is up and running.

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