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    High Commissioner to London, Gail Mathurin has urged United Kingdom-based Jamaicans to use the Diaspora organization to voice their concerns about issues, which affected them and their communities.
    “Jamaicans have long been loyal and productive members of British society. You have worked hard, paid your taxes and made a huge contribution to the development of this nation. Through the Diaspora organization, you can ensure that your voices are heard on issues that affects you and your communities,” she said.
    Ms. Mathurin, who was addressing a meeting at the Bedford African Caribbean Society in that town on Tuesday (Oct.11), noted that the Diaspora movement was “not just about what Jamaicans overseas could do for Jamaica”.
    “It is about unifying Jamaicans from all regions under one umbrella to look at issues that affect you in the community and ensure that when there are policies being introduced and decisions being made – whether at the local or national level – that the concerns of the Jamaican community are taken into consideration”, she stated.
    Ms. Mathurin suggested that the Diaspora organization could also reach out to other Caribbean nations in the UK.
    “Jamaicans, and indeed Caribbean people, play an important role in the development of the UK and also of their own countries and at the High Commission, we respect and honour that. Although my mandate and the Jamaica Diaspora mandate is for Jamaica, given what we are doing within the Caribbean itself, I suggest that the Diaspora outreach includes not only Jamaicans but all persons of Caribbean origin,” she stated.
    High Commissioner Mathurin also gave an update of the government’s crime fighting programmes including the new Community Safety Initiative. She noted that in spite of the difficulties and the effects of natural disasters such as Hurricanes Ivan, Dennis and Emily, Jamaica continued to be open for business.
    The High Commissioner pointed to the two major highway projects, tourism initiatives and the expansion of the Alcoa Bauxite plant in Clarendon.

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