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Jamaicans in the United Kingdom (UK) have been commended for their continued support of the island and their families and friends ‘back home’, by High Commissioner to the UK, Anthony Johnson.
Mr. Johnson said Jamaicans have also contributed much to the social, economic and political development of Britain.
The High Commissioner was delivering his message at the service of Praise and Thanksgiving for Jamaica’s Independence and Emancipation, held at the Parish Church of St. Mart in the Field, and hosted by the Jamaican High Commission.
Mr. Johnson emphasised that the drug trade and persistent crime and violence must not be allowed “to overwhelm us.”
“Peace and love is now returning to our island home and economic growth is now resuming based on the successful reforms of the past two years. You have no need to be embarrassed and you can hold your head high with pride. Your contribution to the social, economic and political development of the United Kingdom is well known,” the High Commissioner told Jamaicans at the service.
In his sermon, Pastor of the Mona Baptist Church in Jamaica , the Reverend Dr. Stephen Jennings, said Jamaica, like many other countries, is greatly impacted by the “imperialistic political and transnational economic elites of the empire of capitol”, which is making political and economic independence a thing of the past.
This, he said, has also contributed to an increase in the levels of inequality, crime and violence in Jamaica and other societies. He noted that while this can also lead to a sense of despair and hopelessness, Jamaicans should not be hopeless.
” I have come to believe that God has continued to intervene definitively and decisively in the Jamaican and human story. We Jamaican people are descended and ascended from a Jamaican afro-Christian people, who have always put up resistance to a dominating world system,” Reverend Jennings said.

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