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Jamaicans living in the United Kingdom (UK) have welcomed the measures introduced by the Jamaican government to restructure the economy and ensure economic growth.
Minister of Finance and the Public Service, Hon. Audley Shaw, who addressed a meeting of UK-based Jamaicans, in London, on May 12, said the government intended to return good governance to the country’s economy.
He said the plan included fiscal consolidation, better management of the public sector, the divestment of loss making public sector entities, debt management and better management of the financial system.
Mr. Shaw was speaking on the topic of A New Economic Future for Jamaica at the Jamaica National Building Society’s Outlook for the Future series of public meetings.
Ms. Artnell Ballan, of Bristol, told JIS News that the Minister’s presentation left her upbeat about the country’s economic future. “I have faith in what he said about the economy and I am encouraged to invest in Jamaica,” she added.
For her part, Ms. Vinette Brown was concerned about how quickly improvements would be seen in the disadvantaged communities. However, she too felt the Minister’s presentation was good and she was optimistic.
Londoner, Omroy White, said he was pleased with what he said was “a very thoughtful and positive presentation”.
Police Superintendant, Leroy Logan, was also impressed by the facts and figures presented by Minister Shaw.
“He (Minister Shaw) is convinced that going to the IMF was in the best interest of Jamaica. I suppose that drastic times call for drastic measures,” said the Jamaican-born policeman.
Ms. Paulette Simpson, whose company, Jamaica National, hosted the public meeting said Minister Shaw’s presentation spoke to the critical issues of concern to Jamaicans in the UK.
“The Minister was very clear in his explanations of the issues. He dealt with the tough issues as well, so there is optimism about the country’s future,” Ms Simpson said.

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