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Jamaicans throughout the Diaspora will observe Jamaica Diaspora Day on Saturday (June 16), with a ‘Community Celebration and Health Awareness’ day at the Delevoe Park of the African American Heritage Library in Fort Lauderdale, beginning at 2:00 p.m.
The activities will feature cultural and sporting events for the entire family, according to Jamaica Diaspora Advisory Board member for the Southern USA, Marlon Hill.
“Jamaica Diaspora Day is an opportunity to celebrate the history, legacy and accomplishments of our nationals living overseas, as a part of the greater Caribbean Diaspora,” he added.
Mr. Hill explained that this event would bear significance to the extended Jamaican family, as second generations would be exposed to the Jamaican way of living as well as “remind us of some of the nostalgic activities of our heritage.”
In collaboration with the medical personnel of the Broward Hospital District, volunteer medical workers will also bring awareness to some of the more common health challenges affecting the minority community, including various forms of cancer, hypertension, diabetes and mental health, among others. Several local Jamaican agencies are expected to participate in the day’s activities.
Mr. Hill urged all Jamaican nationals and friends to join in the Community Awareness Day, adding that such events are an encouragement for continued dialogue in community building.

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