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Consul General to New York, Dr. Basil K. Bryan has said there was much for which the country should be thankful and noted that, “with our collective resources, a strong and independent Jamaica shall take her rightful place among the leading nations of the world”.
“Despite the many challenges we face in our nation’s pursuit of economic and social development, we as a people continue to hold fast to the Jamaican spirit of perseverance and continue in an extraordinary way to defy the odds, in the process, making sterling contributions that distinguish us as a chosen people,” he stated.
Dr. Bryan was speaking at a civic reception held at the Brooklyn Borough Hall on August 4 to mark Jamaica’s 43rd anniversary of Independence.
He singled out five Jamaica women, who have made sterling contributions to the New York community.They are Faye Rodney (New York Carib News); Pat Chin (VP Records Distributors); Beryl Levi (Tower Isle Frozen Foods); Jeanette Hosang (Royal Caribbean Bakery/Caribbean Food Delights) and Una Clarke (Politics).
In her greetings, Brooklyn’s Deputy Borough President, Yvonne Graham challenged Jamaicans to reaffirm their commitment to development goals.
“Experience teaches us that when we work together and when we act with determination and understanding in pursuit of goals we deem essential, success is achieved,” she stated.
Ms. Graham, who hails from St. Elizabeth, pointed out that through the talents of the country’s athletes, musicians, scholars, artists, writers and other professionals, Jamaicans have earned the respect of the world.
“It is important that we take time out to reflect on the fact that though we pale in size and resources compared to more developed countries, our achievements in many areas are equal to or superior to theirs,” she noted.
Ms Graham said further, that as second in command of the Borough with the largest concentration of Caribbean nationals in the United States, she was proud of the leadership of Jamaicans in such key sectors as healthcare, education, community, business and culture. “These actions send a clear message that Jamaicans are contributing in a meaningful way in helping to raise a new generation of citizens, who will gain the skills and resources that will be needed to meet the country’s internal challenges and deal with global influences,” she stated.
The Deputy Borough President also presented Dr. Bryan with a proclamation marking Thursday, August 4 ‘Jamaica’s Independence Day in Brooklyn.
Una Clarke, director of the Brooklyn community network office, served as mistress of ceremonies, while there were performances from folk musician Teddy Crawford, the Caribbean Cultural Theatre Ensemble and the New Kingston Band.

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