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Minister of Transport and Works, Michael Henry, has said all Jamaicans have a duty to contribute to the education system, especially at the early childhood level, to ensure a wholesome society.
Mr. Henry, who is Member of Parliament for Central Clarendon, was speaking at a recent graduation exercise in Clarendon for trained basic school personnel from the parish.
He said that while all stages of development were important, it was at the early years that the foundation was set and “the man becomes evident in the child.”
Creating the appropriate basic school model, he argued, would serve to bring about the kind of society of which all Jamaicans could be justly proud. “We can use the basic schools for what I call the re-socialisation of (people). You can tackle crime by beginning at the base,” he pointed out.
Minister Henry said an improved basic school system would encourage children to strive for excellence, thereby creating a primary, secondary and even tertiary system that was result-oriented, and turned out graduates of the highest calibre, effectively reducing the incidence of crime within the country.
He further expressed the desire for children to be taught content relevant to their cultural situation, which they can easily relate to, which will help to foster self-identity, and patriotism.

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