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Superintendent of Police, Dathan Henry, who is charge of Clarendon, has appealed to Jamaicans to work more closely with the Police, in an effort to safeguard themselves, and to assist in reducing crime.
“We need citizens to come forward and tell what they know. We are appealing to the citizens…much more can be achieved with your help; you are the eyes and ears of the Police within the communities. We need you to provide the Police with information on all suspicious activities within your community. You can call Kingfish at 819 or 119 or your respective police stations,” he informed.
The Superintendent was addressing citizens at the Police Civilian Oversight Authority’s (PCOA) public forum on Crime, held at the Versalles Hotel in May Pen, Clarendon, on December 4.
He said that while the Police had to contend with constraints of human resources, equipment and materials and other key policing inputs, the residents of the various communities had a role to play in ensuring their own safety.
The Police have cited the reluctance of citizens to confide in them as one of the primary reasons crimes go unsolved. As such, the hierarchy of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), has instituted a number of initiatives to foster better relations between citizens and members of the JCF.
Meanwhile, Acting Chief Executive Officer of the PCOA, Gregory A. Simms, said the Authority is “strongly encouraging more dialogue between the community and the Police. This, we believe, will promote more co-operation between the two groups, as together, they not only seek to prevent, but also find solutions to crime.”
This is the third national forum being staged by the organisation, giving priority to the most crime-ridden parishes.

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