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It was a full house at the Church of St. Martins in the Fields in Trafalgar Square last week-end, when Jamaicans were called on to be more patriotic and to pledge allegiance to their country.
In his sermon at the service of Praise and Thanksgiving in London to celebrate Jamaica’s 43rd anniversary of independence, President of the Jamaica Methodist District Conference, the Reverend Dr. Byron Chambers said, “we must put our shoulders to the wheel and work to lift Jamaica out of its difficulties”.
“Today, we celebrate the handing over of Jamaica, a colony from Britain . We too ought to pledge allegiance to our nation, make sacrifices for and on behalf of our nation and we must be much more patriotic . Our national pledge should not only be said by students but should be said regularly by every citizen,” he said.
Dr. Chambers said that independence meant maturity, rather than dependence on political handouts and constant complaining. “It is time to get back to basics, to stand up for righteousness and affirm our strengths,” he added.
He noted that Jamaica was celebrating 43 years of independence, conscious of the fact that in many parts of the world, there was little to celebrate.
Dr. Chambers also called on Jamaicans to celebrate the greatness of God.
“It is true that as we meet to praise God, it does lift our spirits, gives us hope and often shows us a way through . So let us celebrate the greatness of God with joy, laughter and praise,” he said.
His sermon was the highlight of the service put on by the Jamaican High Commission to mark the 43rd anniversary of independence. The service was attended by hundreds of Jamaicans and friends of Jamaica from across the United Kingdom . It began with the presentation of the Jamaican flag by Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) Officer Cadets, Joel Nelson and Champlini Henry.
High Commissioner, Gail Mathurin read the Prime Minister’s Independence Message, while the Children of the Shabach Outreach Ministries of Huddersfield said the national pledge. Stacy Might of the Darby West Indian Association and Deputy Lord Mayor, Councillor Jan Prendergast read lessons.

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