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With the country joining the rest of the world to observe World No Tobacco Day on May 31, the Jamaica Information Service (JIS) sought the views of some persons on the Tobacco Regulations and specifically the Ban on Smoking in Public Places.


Q. Has the ban on smoking in public places impacted you. If so, how?


Paula Fletcher, Executive Director – National Road Safety Council

“In certain establishments that are open air, people smoke and it is very annoying as the harm that can be done by second hand smoke is well documented. I have complained, but some establishments don’t seem to think the ban applies to their outdoor setting. I need to check if this is so. Whereas I don’t generally go to entertainment places that are enclosed, I am told by others that some popular spots have been adhering to the ban as patrons now go outside to smoke.”

Clyde Jureidini, Company Secretary, Premier League Clubs Association; General Manager, Harbour View Football Club and Football Analyst.

“Not directly, as I am not usually in a place where this is done, but I agree with the overall principle as it impacts the environment we all live in.”

Rev. Nicole Ashwood, Minister of Religion

“Yes, the air is cleaner. I have less discomfort for my sinusitis. We should have done this long ago.”

 Dr. Albert Benjamin, Head of the Department of Natural Sciences – Mico University College

“I have noticed that there seems to be far fewer smokers around. This is a plus for everyone. Smoking is a mistake.”

Sheree Martin, Senior Vice President, Customer and Corporate Services – Jamaica Public Service Co. Ltd.

“The ban was long overdue and I fully support it, given the ill-effects of second-hand smoking. It is a habit, which if you choose to practise, should be done without inconveniencing and possibly harming others if there is prolonged exposure. Great move Ministry of Health.”

Dennis Rushton, Musician

“I like the idea that when I go to certain places I no longer have to worry about being among smokers. I don’t smoke, so I don’t have to inhale all that second hand smoke. I feel safer and I like the idea that I don’t have to worry about my clothes smelling like smoke. I now have an option of hanging around smokers or not hanging around smokers.”

Sandra Samuels Reid, Entrepreneur – Owner and Operator of Totally Male Spa

“Yes it has. It has provided a better breathing space for me. As a cancer survivor, I am very pleased with this development. Our children will be better for it.”




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