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Jamaicans have again been called to prayer to deliver the country from social ills, as the National Leadership Prayer Breakfast Committee stages a National Week of Prayer next month.
Chairman of the Committee, Dr. Alston Henry, in his remarks at the Committee’s 25th anniversary appreciation awards luncheon held on December 7 at the Courtleigh Hotel in Kingston, said that the week of prayer would start on January 12 and culminate with the 26th annual National Leadership Prayer Breakfast on January 19.
The National Leadership Prayer Breakfast is designed to foster unity in the nation, particularly among its leaders.
Dr. Henry noted that through the annual event, the committee was dedicated to “affirming and challenging our nation’s leaders in every sector to reflect on the goals, motives and principles we embrace as we conduct our affairs.”
He further asserted, “if Jamaica . is to become a place of peace and love, where business and ordinary life can flourish, we need good and courageous leadership everywhere.”
Richard Powell, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Victoria Mutual Building Society (VMBS), which has sponsored the breakfast for 20 years, noted that the role of the Committee was not to change Jamaica overnight, but “to pray for and affirm leaders so that this enlightened pause.will inspire them and be a catalyst for them to.create those changes, which are so needed.”
In celebrating the milestone of a quarter of a century’s existence, the Committee, in association with VMBS, awarded persons and organisations, which have contributed to its success. Among the awardees were founders, Rev. Dr. Gerry Gallimore and the Rev. Earl Thames.
Recognition was also given to past committee chairs, and persons, who have given long and distinguished service among them, corporate supporters and media houses.
Mr. Powell commended the media for the increased support given to the prayer breakfast. “The media,” he said, “has made a wonderful contribution. reminding people of messages of peace, unity and godliness, and of a need to support our leaders in a positive way”.
Stating that VMBS had “absolutely no regrets” in sponsoring the event, Mr. Powell gave the assurance that the National Leadership Prayer Breakfast would have his organization’s continued espousal.

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