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Jamaicans at home and abroad are being encouraged to participate in the upcoming virtual Jamaica Diaspora Sustainability Symposium.

The two-day event, which will take place on June 16 and 17, is being held under the theme ‘Jamaica and the Diaspora – Stronger Together for a Sustainable Future’.

Addressing a JIS Think Tank on Friday (June 11), State Minister in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Senator the Hon. Leslie Campbell, said that the symposium provides opportunity to further connect with the diaspora.

“It is our way of trying to engage with you and to make sure that Jamaica is successful in its attempt to strengthen relations and also to provide the basis upon which [the country] can rebuild,” he said.

“We also want to let them know what there is in terms of investments and that the climate is right,” he added.

Senator Campbell said that the Government is keen on engaging members of the diaspora who have expertise in areas such as education and agriculture.

“We are focusing very heavily on agriculture and we certainly want to hear from members of the diaspora who have that kind of expertise,” he noted.

He mentioned urban planning and climate control as possible areas in which the diaspora can assist.

“Where we have a deficit at home we would certainly want to draw on all of that expertise and so we want them to participate to tell us exactly where they see us as falling short and how they can give back to us,” he said, adding that the diaspora has always been willing to “give us of their knowledge”.

The symposium is being organised by the Ministry with support from various partners.

Key features of the symposium include health and wellness and education discussions, youth forum, the Governor General’s Awards and the Prime Ministerial town hall.

Participants can register free of cost at https://mfaft.iteneri.com.

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