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Father Richard Holung of the Missionaries of the Poor, has appealed to Jamaicans abroad to “surrender your lives to service to your country”.
Father Holung, who was delivering the sermon at the service of thanksgiving at the First Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale recently, to mark Jamaica’s Emancipation and Independence, reminded the audience that, “you were born not by accident but by purpose, so you must remain committed to service to your country as we continue to celebrate its growth and development”.
He urged them to use the example of the Missionaries of the Poor, who were willing to travel to distant countries to serve the poor and destitute.
He said that organization was now serving the needs of the destitute in countries in Africa, the Caribbean and the Philippines, feeding over two million persons annually.
Consul General, Ricardo Allicock, in his greetings, spoke of the gift of freedom and Independence “that have allowed us to act together as one focused nation for the benefit of our people, regardless of race or ancestry”.
He called on Jamaicans to attain automatic and immediate membership in the Diaspora Organization in the interest of the country’s development and the strengthening of the communities abroad in which Jamaicans reside.
He further paid tribute to Jamaican cultural icon, Louise Bennett Coverley (Miss Lou), who passed away last week, noting that she was the best possible example of humanity.
Nearly 1,000 Jamaican nationals and friends attended the service, which was officiated by Jamaican national, the Rev. Richard Ledgister, pastor of the Sierra Norwood Calvary Baptist Church in Miami.
There were renditions of songs, readings and dance by the Jamaica Independence mass choir, the Sierra Norwood children’s choir, and the Jamaica Folk Revue, which also gave a special presentation in honour of Miss Lou.
Lois Requa-Dunn, formerly of the National Dance Theatre Company (NDTC) along with her daughter, Sasha Dunn, performed a special dance selection.
Proceeds of the service went to the Missionaries of the Poor and the Swift Purcell Boy’s Home in St. Mary.Following the service, the staff of the Jamaica Consulate General hosted a community reception.

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