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The children’s ward at the Percy Junor Hospital in Spaldings, Clarendon has received several items from Christine Garrow, a Jamaican living in the United States, who has also decorated the ward. The donation was made on Friday, January 27 at a get-together for the children on the ward.

Included in the items are a television set, books, a bookshelf, dolls, crib rattles, children’s clothing, including hospital nightgowns, thermometers, dressing, pencils, toothbrushes, crib sheets, bed skirtings, curtains and posters. Drawings of cartoon characters have been done on the walls. The total cost of the items and the decoration is $208,000 (US$3,200).

Matron of the hospital, Jacqueline Pennycooke, told JIS News that the donation was welcomed.”The ward needed this. People will come and read to the children but normally they have to take their own books. Now we have an area that they can sit and read. We have books that they can read for different age groups. The ambience is much better and suited for the children. I believe that this kind of environment will enhance recovery and brighten the days of those children who need to stay here for longer periods,” she said.

Matron Pennycooke also pointed out that work had been done on an enclosed play area by the Optimist club of Christiana in September last year, and Miss Garro was now completing that project. “A couple of years ago I visited a nephew in the Percy Junor Hospital and realized that the children’s ward needed some things, so along with family, I decided to adopt the paediatric ward,” Miss Garro told JIS News.

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