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Jamaican High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, His Excellency Anthony Johnson, has called on the descendants African slaves to respect their sacrifices by honouring women, building strong families, business firms and communities.
High Commissioner Johnson was speaking at the annual Liverpool Slavery Remembrance Day on Monday, August 23 at the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool.
“We honour those best, our ancestors, by being successful. The very fact that we are here, means that they survived and we owe it to them to be successful,” he said.
High Commissioner Johnson who was one of the speakers at the event said that recent scientific research had confirmed the doctrines of National Hero, Marcus Garvey, who had stated that Africa was the mother continent of all civilizations and had started the modern anti-colonial movement, which had created new societies across the world.
The proceedings in Liverpool began with the pouring of libations to the ancestors in the Mersey River, which was a starting point for ships in the transatlantic slave trade.
Greetings were given by the Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Councillor Hazel Williams, and Member of Parliament for the area, Lewis Alman.
The British Minister for Communities and Local Government, Mr. Andrew Stunell, said the Government was committed to continue its support for the Museum of Slavery and understood the need to honour the lives of those who had fought against oppression.
The United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has designated August 23 as Slavery Remembrance Day, to serve as a reminder that enslaved Africans were the main agents of their own liberation. The date is also significant as it commemorates the uprising of enslaved Africans on the island of Saint Domingue (modern Haiti) in 1791.
The International Slavery Museum opened in Liverpool 2007. The Liverpool Slavery Remembrance Initiative is a partnership between National Museums of Liverpool, individuals from the Liverpool Black community, Liverpool City Council, Liverpool Culture Company and The Mersey Partnership.

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