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The self help and personal development group, ‘One Hand Can’t Clap’, has launched a series of Heritage cards featuring Jamaican proverbs and ‘sayings’ titled ‘Things Mama Use to Say’.
These cards, which are part of the organization’s Echoes of the Past Series, were written and edited by the group’s founder, Lorlett Hudson. The official launch took place at the Jamaican High Commission in London, recently.
The group provides a range of personal development services, including life coaching, financial literacy workshops, mediation and educational transition programmes.
Miss Hudson told the launch that the idea of the cards was inspired by her grandmother and the concept behind the ‘One hand Can’t Clap’, group which is based on providing a wide support network. She said proverbs were an important aspect of the heritage of Jamaicans that had provided wisdom and tools for living, which have been passed on from generation to generation.
The group said it had found the use of proverbs within its work to be motivating and beneficial and that the cards provided inspiration to individuals and stimulated discussion and debate between young people and the elders.
Deputy High Commissioner, Sharon Saunders who spoke at the launch, said Jamaican proverbs were “born out of the love, the pain and the overall experience of life of our forbearers”.
She praised Miss Hudson for her drive and commitment, adding that the series of cards would go some way in raising the awareness and consciousness in the community.

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