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Jamaican born entrepreneur, Anita Witter, has received the Silver Award at this year’s British Female Inventor and Innovative Network (BFIIN) Awards, in the ‘Exceptionally Creative’ category, for her development of Jewel Isle rum punch.
“For me, it’s a great achievement because the competition was very stiff, as there were some serious women out there. I did not expect that my innovation in creating the flavours (of the Jewel Isle rum punch) would have won, but the judges were impressed with the product,” Mrs. Witter told JIS News in an interview.
She said she was originally told about the BFIIN programme, but was reluctant to enter . “I was reluctant to enter.I thought the competition was not for me. However, I was contacted by the organisers who said they were disappointed that I had not sent in my application and they encouraged me to give it a try. I did so but I did not think I would have won,” she added.
The BFIIN Awards took place at the Guildhall in London and was an opportunity for women across the United Kingdom to exhibit their inventions and innovative ideas and products.
Mrs. Witter, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Jewel Isle Production Limited, said the award was an endorsement of her faith in the product and has made her more resolute to make it work.
Jewel Isle rum punch was officially launched in 2005 at the Jamaican High Commission in London. It features three flavours – Tropical, Pineapple-Ginger and Lemon-Lime. It is made with fruit juice and authentic over proof Jamaican white rum.
Mrs. Witter said the tropical flavour came originally from an old family recipe passed on through the generations and synonymous with the Caribbean rum punch.

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