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Former Jamaican Ambassador to the United Nations, Curtis Ward, has urged the Jamaican Diaspora to form partnerships with the government to help improve the country’s education system.
“The reality is that no government in the history of Jamaica has ever been able to provide all of the resources needed to create the standard of education required to fulfill the educational needs and to take full advantage of the potential of Jamaica’s youth.
There is an urgent need for the Diaspora to join hands with the government to seriously look at ways to support the educational system, which in the long run, will be beneficial to our country,” he stated.
Ambassador Ward was delivering the keynote address at the third annual fundraising dinner and dance of the Merl Grove High School Past Students Association’s Northeastern American Chapter, held on Saturday (June 30) at the Unity Church Hall in Gettysburg, Virginia.
At the function, homage was paid to three teachers, who have together served the institution for 106 years. They are Vice Principal Veta Rowe for 26 years of service and retired teachers Enid Robotham and Joyce Taylor for 37 years and 43 years, respectively.
Ambassador Ward lauded the Merle Grove alumni and similar organizations throughout the Jamaican Diaspora for their contribution to the welfare of Jamaica’s children and the development of the learning environment “from which the future leaders of Jamaica must emerge.” He encouraged them to redouble their efforts as the needs are great but not insurmountable.
Ambassador to the United States, Professor Gordon Shirley, in his remarks at the function, lauded the teachers for their contribution to the education system. He described them as unsung heroes, who have changed many lives.
He further applauded the members of the association for honouring the teachers and for their outstanding contribution to their alma mater. “It is indeed gratifying to note that you, who have been the beneficiaries of one of the most respected high schools in Jamaica, have chosen to give back of your talent and resources to this venerable institution.
Your active involvement in your alma mater and Jamaica, by extension, is even more significant in light of the government’s commitment to make strategic engagement with the Diaspora one of its foremost policy objectives,” he stated.

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